The Delicious Alheira Burger

Author: Huma 

Ground beef, Alheira sausage, burger buns, lettuce, tomato, cheese, mayonnaise, mustard, olive oil, salt, pepper.


Form burger patties with a mix of ground beef and Alheira. Grill or pan-fry until cooked to perfection.

Toast burger buns. Layer lettuce, tomato, cheese, and the cooked Alheira burger patty. Top with your favorite condiments.

Pair your Alheira Burger with crispy fries, a fresh salad, or a side of pickles for a complete meal.

Experience the rich and savory flavors of Portuguese cuisine infused into every bite of your Alheira Burger.

 Get creative with your Alheira Burger by adding toppings like caramelized onions, avocado, or spicy peppers.

Kids and adults alike will love the delicious taste and unique twist of the Alheira Burger.

 For extra flavor, grill the Alheira sausage before adding it to the burger patties.

 Bring a taste of Portugal to your dinner table with this irresistible Alheira Burger recipe. 

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